And more is ruined! I just wanted instead of putting a picture from my documents as my background to use one of the backgrounds available from Windows and since then the color and icons of the top and bottom bars have changed, at first I thought it was just the color (had to have it invisible which i hated but this is worst) but I figured okay I will just get used to it like I had to with that new way or having to connect but now also the notepads are different and when I close and minimize windows it its different too (its like it jumps) and that is seriously annoying! I went in the appearance part of the control panel and tried one thing which was worst and I was able to get to the new appearances but I want the old one back and I am afraid of clicking on something that will make things worst!

Also something weird has been going on with my computer, it started months ago and it was once in a while then more and now it is almost all day long! I have to click twice on something to have what I asked, the mouse goes on something and it opens despite me not clicking on it, I close a commercial on a video and it either pauses or go full screen, it makes a sound when I save a picture or something I wrote.

It sucks so much not being able to take care of small things like that! It is amazing that I know how to use the computer for other things! wall!

I forgot to mention that for weeks too I would be doing normal things and the screen would go white, the first times I would just disconnect and connect again but the last times it happened I saw a screen that said I had won a cruise or something (did not stay there - disconnect right away) then it stopped but right now I was on Live Leak and it brought me to another window and I like yesterday immediately closed it but that one is way scarier with a sound and a voice and a small window with the biggest (yesterday my mouse was on a commercial at the bottom when reading comments but now it was not)!

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