Oh wow that worked! Thank you so much! You have no idea how it was getting on my nerves but I figured I had to get used to it since I was still able to go on the internet!

I have Windows 7.

As for protection I have IObit and Panda, all the free versions and all caught up. Also Windows is all caught up including the Defender.

I did try the default theme but it came back with whatever happened this morning not what I had but maybe it is not my default and it's Windows's default, I clicked on it after clicking on one that was worst. What I do not get is that my notepads too were changed, I did not know it did the same for programs when the theme was changed!

Maybe computers are like engines, they get like dirty and need some cleaning otherwise it just keeps on piling up and up. My anti-malwares actually told me from I think the start that I do have 77 files that should not be there but it also says to buy their full version so I figured it was a trap.