I do not know if this is the correct place to ask for this but at least it has to do with computers!

I do not know how but somehow I got rid of the button that connects me to the internet (i have no idea how to call it - it used to me right next to the start button at the complete left of the taskbar at the bottom of the computer) so now whatever I did the Internet Explorer thing is not there anymore (when i click of the little dots [its now at its place 3 lines of 6-7-8 tiny dots] it says toolbars on top with a right arrow and below 7 more things - there are also a line with an arrow on each sides when the mouse is there - i clicked on a few things and i do not know how else to get my IE button back).

I found a way to connect anyway by going on the computer icon at the right on the taskbar and there I clicked on the internet logo that has the Earth now since I am so stupid and worthless I may end up getting rid of that other way to connect and end up with zero ways to use my internet so please could someone help me?