quote Kitten - Depression

If you have bipolar disorder, what are your biggest problems?

Unable to keep a schedule. Lack of concentration. Forgetting where I put stuff. Very Deep Thinking to the point of not functioning. Despair.

How does it affect you?

I have trouble communicating with others and I am totally un-in-tune with the popular culture and how it has accelerated.

I make a lot of social Faux Pas

Do you enjoy your mania?

I only use is to accelerate my spiritual and esoteric studies.

Is your mania extreme, or do you have hypomanic episodes?

It used to be. Now I have it under control via medication + meditation and concentration upon spiritual ' stuff '.

Do you have "normal" periods between your depression and mania? Do you have mixed episodes? Is it difficult to determine what type of episode you're experiencing, and when you're changing?

In my opinion, depression is a breeze, compared to mania. That's just my experience, and maybe that's because I am better able to cope with the depression. I just do not dig feeling like someone needs to knock me off the ceiling!! smirk

What do you do during your mania times ?