Hi Dianne, I saw your post and know how you feel about the coupons. I do use them though. I tend to cut out more than I will ever use unless it is a great buy and something I do want to use or try. I usually use a good organizer and keep it in the car. But I do carry it in with me. Sometimes I don't use any and then sometimes I save a bundle with them. I also use the MVP cards which the supermarkets give. I save a bundle there.

I couldn't believe the price of pasta since November. The price generally would run around 99 cents a lb. but it had skyrocketed to $1.45 and more. The other day I saw a good deal and stocked up. It was about 88 cents a lb. I'm set for a couple of months. This is something I use.

You have to be careful in the supermarket. Only buy what you use and look for those coupons. Online, visit the web pages of the brands you like and see if they offer coupons for your favorite products. Sometimes their coupons are more valuable than the ones in the paper.

Good luck.