LOL, the next time you are in a WalMart, check out the grocery carts that are usually sitting in the Customer Service areas or in the aisles. These are the "returns" that per their main office, suppose to be returned to the store shelves or freezers immediately. Girl, they don't keep enough help in the back for people to come and get the items for their department when you call them. I would see meat and ice cream sitting in the cart near my register for hours. I remember one time they were offering meat for some very low price to the employees. I did not bite, but some of the other cashiers was so excited. I told them something was not right knowing how WalMart had become since Sam the owner died. I heard when he was alive, he cared about his customers and employees. Now all his heirs care about is cash. Anyway, the next day, I was giggling as the cashiers brought back the meat. The dates had expired by the time they got the meat home, that's WalMart for you. And if the cashiers had paid attention to the color of the chicken and saw all the blood that was dripping, nasty. They would have figured out what was going on.

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