I use to do the coupon thing but now since I only buy "generic" (usually WalMart) - coupons do not help.

LOL, I have to "remind" myself when the generic does not measure up to my taste buds standards that I am saving money.

When I have a little EXTRA, I will go ahead and splurge and if I am not feeling "lazy" will try to locate a coupon online as I do not subscribe to anything that contains coupons.

One of my goals is to start putting aside any coupons that I know I will be using when I have extra - of course I have yet to make time to do this.

I so admire those coupon folks - my adult daughter is one. She LOVES Publix and has a system figured when she loads up on their "buy one, get one free" sales. Now I love their yogurt, nothing like it has ever measured up for the price. But unless someone is headed that way - WalMart is my only store for right now. And do I HATE the lines = all in the name of saving...