Many of us want our vehicles to look like it did from day one. Today's paints and clear coats are better, brighter and more durable so maintenance is easier.

If you have NOT neglected your finsh since you purchased your vehicle and you have kept it fairly clean...It IS possible to retain and maintain the "new car" look if you want to know how to keep it looking nice at all times. It is very easy and simple but you must first take a few simple steps and then keep it clean and you're all set! The best thing to do is NEVER use car washes that touch your vehicle. Your paint will be scratched and irreversibly damaged. Use a touch free car wash with hot wax and always blow dry if possible. To towel dry, use a clean waffle towel to hand dry if you can't get a blow dry and always use Wax-As-U-Dry every time you dry with your waffle towel. Just spray on and wipe off--it's that simple. So before the cold weather sets in, start this regimen now and you will see instant results! cool

*It is imperative that if you want to keep your finish in good condition, you must take good care from day one and keep it clean and free from oxidation buildup. Drive safely.

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