Sorry it took me so long to reply Bonnie, but you know how it is....never enough time to do everything on the list!! I am getting diapers covered as well now. Not like I have any extra $ now though, how did I afford the diapers before?? Its strange, but still, its awesome not to have to buy them anymore, PHEW! Shawn will pee on the toilet every time we put him on, but with preschool and therapy, its hard to get the consistancy of going to the bathroom on the toilet not the diaper when there are so many people working with him right now! I still hope that he will just want to go only on the toilet one day! I just have to have patience, which is in short supply lately. I had a CT scan done in Dec. as I have had DAILY headaches for almost 4 years now, so my DR. tells me that there are some spots on my brain which he wants a neurologist to look at. Sounds reasonable, he said they are probably cysts, no biggie. I saw another DR the other day to get more painkillers and he looked at the CT results and told me that he was worried about it. He asked how old I was, I'm 33, he said he's never seen this kind of thing in someone my age, only usually in heavy duty alcoholics about 60years old. I have never been a drinker at all, maybe once a month, when I was like 20, I would go out. He said, "well, thats a puzzle" So I am concerned now!! Why didn't my DR tell me that?? Anyhoo, back on topic, thats why I have had my plate especially full these days!!
Will be back soon though.....and to all the potty successes....WOOOO HOOOOOO, proud of you guys!!