OK I finally just watched Episode One of The Biggest Loser Couples, on the NBC site. We'd somehow missed taping it.


I had tears in my eyes watching a lot of it! I was a little upset about the way they had them weighing in before a large group of people. I would have fainted in that situation. But also I think it's very empowering, that they know they are going with the support and love of their entire community.

Those work-outs seem incredibly killer. Everyone was vomiting and keeling over in pain. It seems really dangerous for someone 500 pounds to be really pushing themselves that hard. But then again, the man who was that heavy did really well!

I'm SO glad that the two couples who were "kicked out" get a high incentive to keep working out at home. That's really encouraging, that they won't just give up.

I was really sad when people said they'd never been kissed, never had a girlfriend, just because they were large. That seems so unfair to me. They were friendly, fun - but just because they were large? Is that the society we have?

What did you guys think about it?

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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