As a large woman, I can tell you it's really hard. I am on an online dating site and 99% of the men whose profiles I read select "athletic, slender and average" as the body type they are looking for. The other options are I think "curvy, big & beautiful & a few extra pounds". I fall into one or all of those and it really narrows down the prospects. Truthfully, it seems they are all looking for trophy wives/partners. This is true no matter what the guy looks like, too.

And, I hear from guys that women do lie about their size. Which is really sad, too, but I feel their pain there. However, it seems pointless to even try that to me as it is bound to lead to disaster or at least hurt feelings.

But, the "ideal" in almost all the media today is tall, thin, bleached blonde and plastic-surgeried! Did you see that Heidi Montag who's in her early 20's just had 10 plastic surgeries in one day? We're getting to the point where "real" people won't exist anymore! LOL

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