I like to write poems of all kinds I am currently working on a story that's a tad of well lots of things romance supernatrual mystery I am trying to make my people seem as real as possible so there's a few jokes that might make you smile too

If there's one thing I learned its thatlife can end instantly how do you know if you made the right choices how do you know where you are going to end up who is going to be waiting you don't know for sure but live life to the fullest and not just for yourself face your problems head on don't take the cowards way out for if you do that your not only hurting yourself but those who you may or may not realize love you despite flaws or views on life

A new favorite line from WAITS TRUE LOVE not mine but damn good <img src="/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> He kisses her deeply, melding their souls with the power of his passion. http://Writing.Com/authors/myselfandi