Good evening fellow members of the Tarot Forum. As I was following up with a recent post, I was thinking I should offer an open invitation for suggestions of Tarot Topic Ideas that you would be interested in seeing here at the Tarot Forum.

Thus far since I took on the role of being Editor of the Tarot Site, the only topic of discussion recently has been clarification of received readings. There's nothing wrong with that and I don't mind helping find clarification, but is that the only purpose you see here at the Tarot Forum? Are there any particular things regarding the Tarot you'd like to discuss openly here?

I only ask these questions out of concern and wondering why there isn't a very large response in the forum. I know that there are a considerable amount of views but very little interaction. Thank you for those who do interact, as well as, those who take the time to view! But for this to be an informative forum based upon what you, the members, want I need your help providing what you want to see here. I cannot align your needs entirely without your suggestions.

I want this forum to help positively assist you in your study of "The Path Of The Tarot". I want each of you to feel comfortable coming here to discuss your course of study, any questions you may have pertaining to any aspect of the Tarot, clarification of cards/readings, etc. Or even if you have some handy tips or tricks that make interpreting the cards easier please feel free to pass on that knowledge to others whom I'm sure would appreciate it!

The main thing I'd like to point out here is that you will NEVER have to worry about being judged by the amount of knowledge you have nor lack of. It doesn't matter what part of the process of learning you are at, we are all students learning. There should be no fear of competition or being harassed by anyone; as this is not permitted here nor tolerated by

So please, whatever you inhibitions or uncertainty that keeps you from participating in the Tarot Forum, place aside and I ask you to take a leap of faith. This forum is of no use to anyone if it does not serve it's purpose. Again, I invite you to speak up and let me know what you'd like to see here that would make you want to participate and become more active.

I ask these things out of the highest respect and from genuinely want to help you enhance your understanding of the Tarot. That is what I'm here for! Many blessings and looking forward to hearing from each of you!
I'd love to know some of the background on Tarot. I can tell I need to spend some time on your site smile
Good Afternoon Diana, thank you very much for your response and suggestion; that is very helpful to me in knowing what kind of content to provide.

I will start implementing pertinent information regarding the history and background of the Tarot asap!

Again, I appreciate your reply! Have a most wondrous day and Many Blessings!
Thank you for your message. I feel like I can come out of my shell now. I have been doing Tarot for about a year now. I am also an insomniac so get up at 3:00AM usually and do readings. I guess me general question is the issue of reversal cards. Should one be concerned with reversal cards or try to learn them right along with the regular deck? I'm having difficulty understanding exactly how the reversal system works in Tarot. The books I have do a very poor job explaining how to learn the reversal of each card in the deck. Any suggestions on how to deal with reversals?
Thank you and glad to have you aboard. smile
Dear SpiritualArtist,

I appreciate your message and even more so the fact that you feel comfortable enough now to come out of your shell! To me that is fantastic news! Insomnia is a very common ascension symptom you are expanding and ascending at such a high vibratory rate that you cannot go any further until your body acclimates to the heightened energy levels. Therefore, it is required for you to be in the here and now, in the physical, being wide awake and dealing with insomnia tends to keep us in the physical. This will pass.

Reversals are a great question! Thanks for bringing it up!;) Some individuals read each card's reversal differently but most usually they are considered a negative downside to the meaning of the card in upright position. Some people don't read them or consider their representing anything in a reading. I for one usually keep in mind when I see a card reversed that there is negative energies surrounding the situation that this is usually in what aspect of the person's life there is conflict or discord. When there are a multitude of reversals in a reading the person generally is missing the point all together in the lessons they are supposed to be learning in their individual lives. In a process of decay from which new strengths and awareness will be formed and acknowledged so that they may begin anew in a more positive light.

I will continue with this discussion at another time more thoroughly but at present, I should really be working on a report that is needing finished that my boss has been waiting for;) Hope you have a fantastic weekend! And looking forward to continuing upon this journey together learning and exploring the Tarot.
Hi; I tried to post here as I did in the past at bellaonline, however both my html and UBB code have been disabled. Also as I go through sites certain pages are being removed- ex. PDF files as well as Utube files. It seems very hard to do anything around here. Thanks
I am sorry that you are having difficulties with the site. I will fwd your message to the website owner who deals with issues such as this. I know that some changes had been made to the site perhaps this is an error that she isn't aware of as we were told to keep our eyes open for any issues after the updates. I will send your message to her and see if she can fix the problem for you or what we need to do to solve the problem. Thanks for being patient! Have a most wonderful weekend!
You must have already made a certain number of posts before you can use UBB in the forums (HTML doesn't work at all). This is to cut down on spammers blasting us with ads.

You only have 4 posts under your name - have you re-registered under a new name?

We had to take down YouTube links because YouTube said we did. They could have sued us if we had not. We can only point people to the pages now.

I don't remember ever using a PDF file on here before, so cannot speak to that.
Hey Leslie, Good luck to you. I only dabble with my tarot deck. More for lack of time that I don't do it more. However, I read that your tarot deck should only be handled by the owner/reader, and that it should be placed in a purple cloth. This all has to do with the decks energies. I received mine as a gift and they are stored in a shimmering purple drawstring sack. Have you ever gone to
I'm generally up until late and don't usually go to bed until 2:00 am, if "SpirtualArtist" cares to do my reading at that time, I'm willing. (She can practice interpretting reversals.) ;) I'm patient and there is no pressure. Just an offer.
Hi; Thank you for your advice_ Re: Michelle,but I used to have the HTML code enabled before and now is off. Anyway.. Leslie you are wonderful and so prompt. However Now all my comments on your blog go directly to trash/ spam and I used to have a watermark which I no longer have when I post comments. This is getting very annonying.. Please advice if you know how to fix this problem on your blog.
Good evening, thank you for responding to my post;)
There are a lot of hearsay pertaining to what you should and should not do with regarding your Tarot deck. I've always heard that the cards should be kept in a black cloth to protect them from outside energies since black tends to be a blocker just like hemitite repels negativity; sort of the same concept. To be honest with you, it is different and individualized for each reader as to what they do with their deck. Just like with the handling of the deck by others. Some readers have the querent shuffle the cards and others don't allow anyone to touch them. As a word of caution, if you do let others handle your deck, you should cleanse them by either smudging them with incense, place a crystal in the pouch with your deck or some have even sprinkled salt on their cards as a means to cleanse them. Ultimately, the choice is yours. My best advice to you would be for you to do whatever feels right for you personally. If you feel a need to cleanse your deck then by all means do whatever you feel led to do.

I too keep my deck in a pouch, although mine is not black it actually has poinsetta leaves on it and is red/white. I really don't think it matters much as far as the color of the pouch goes. I was given the pouch and later on down the road discovered it was a perfect fit for my cards so I used it without worrying too much over there being a negative effect. After all, it is all in the intent and being a more positive-minded person anyway so I was never too concerned with it being any other way than I perceived it to be;)

However, I will say that if you are around negative individuals especially those who are closed-minded, then I would keep them put away out of view to avoid being harassed as some people tend to do with things they cannot understand and to prevent their negativity from affecting you personally. Aside from that, do what you feel is right for you personally in your own heart, for it is the intent that you give everything that matters anyway;)

Have a most pleasant week and many blessings!
Good evening Biancat, my sincerest apologies for not being around this weekend when you tried to contact me and typically I keep everything up and running on my computer so it always shows me online. I know that you are frustrated and after doing some looking into things I found out that some of the settings were wrong as I've just recently installed this blog. I had another one but it was a freebie that got updated to a paid version and I couldn't do anything with it except for delete it and start over. I'm not sure where I had my old website listed in my profile but recently I had to let it go as I have way too many projects going on to deal with it too;) I'll have to track that down too now and figure out where it is listed to prevent others from going to a dead link. I again apologize as I have not gotten everything updated since I let that domain go last month. I'll go now and fix the settings for you so they won't go to spam anymore. I see your messages by the way, they are awaiting me to verify if it's spam or not; so all is not lost! Thank you for being patient and hopefully the new settings will help prevent future issues but if you have any more problems do not hesitate to let me know! Thanks for letting me know of the problems I certainly do appreciate it! Have a pleasant week and many blessings!
Originally Posted By: Biancat

Thank you for your advice_ Re: Michelle,but I used to have the HTML code enabled before and now is off.

Anyway.. Leslie you are wonderful and so prompt. However Now all my comments on your blog go directly to trash/ spam and I used to have a watermark which I no longer have when I post comments.

This is getting very annonying..
Please advice if you know how to fix this problem on your blog.


when you are referring to a blog - are you talking about BellaOnline's site or something personal that Leslie has? (this is confusing me a bit).

I'm one of the training managers here at BellaOnline, so I'm trying to figure out why/if you are having problems here.

It looks to me as if you are a brand new forum poster. Under your name it lists only 5 posts, and when I look at your history there are only 3 - I am assuming the other 2 were deleted because they were considered spam by our head moderator (they were the ones advertising for your Tarot reading business - and so would fall under our spam policies)

You might check your settings under "My Stuff" to see if yor HTML settings are turned on or off. If you are using a new user name - then HTML is by default turned "off" - you have to turn it on. That may be where the problem lies.
Thank you Michelle for offering to help assist Biancat with her forum posting issues hopefully it will be resolved soon! Again, thanks for your help, great having you here!

I have trouble with the Court Cards. I just go blank sometimes when doing a reading and get a CC. Any suggestions on how to learn these difficult cards? Thank you
I love history on just about anything. I used to work with the Tarot cards, but have not done so for years. Where did the Tarot originate from? What culture?

Dear Sarah and Phyllis, these are both wonderful questions that many others may also be wondering. I will provide an in depth discussion in regards to these topics as soon as I get a chance. I have just finished working on a 29 page report I had to write for an Internet Marketer and am totally exhausted mentally! Although I could easily shout information off the top of my head on these specific questions, I do not feel I'd be providing you with the best possible explanation and opt to do so at a later time once I've gotten some much needed rest. I've been up for the last 2 consecutive days working on this project that needed done asap. I'm all tapped out, so to speak;) I probably won't get to your answer today but I have no real obligations this week going on with my work (because I'm ahead of schedule thank goodness) except the typical housework that needs to be dealt with; so it shouldn't pose any real distractions preventing me from answering you in a timely manner. Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience! I will get back to you as soon as I get a chance. Have a wonderful evening!
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