"Silent Life: The Story of the Lady in Black" is a film that has been floating around for a number of years. It played at the Sedona Film Festival in February and supposedly will be released in theaters in May. Isabella Rossellini, Franco Nero, and Sherilyn Fenn have supporting roles while Vladislav Alex Koslov stars as Valentino. Here's a link to the trailer and I'll keep you updated - Silent Life Official Teaser Trailer

In related news, Donna Hill's photographic biography "Rudolph Valentino The Silent Idol: His Life In Photographs" is back in print. Hill has updated the book to include more photos but has ditched the color format for all black-and-white. Valentino packed a lot of living into his short 31 years but paid quite a price.

I'm always interested in the women behind-the-scenes of silent film. Hill includes a photo from her personal collection of Hattie Wilson Tabourne braiding Valentino's hair for a scene in "Blood and Sand". Tabourne, an African-American, was under contract at Paramount and did hair-dressing for Gloria Swanson and Pola Negri, as well as Valentino. You can order the book on Amazon where it is printed on-demand.

Angela K. Peterson
Drama Movies