Imagine a crypto world where you can get information about new Ton native tokens and NFTs at your fingertips. Imagine you can Dyor Ton native assets with no extra costs and also protect yourself against rug-pulls and scams. This imagination can become a reality through Tonsnipe!

What is Tonsnipe, how does it work, and what are the benefits over the competition?

Read on to find out!

[b]What is Tonsnipe?[/b]

Tonsnipe is a comprehensive Ton native token Presale and NFT analysis tool built on the Ton blockchain. Tonsnipe parades a team of diverse people spread across the world with the sole aim of metamorphosing into a DAO. The team promises value for money and the adoption of the Ton blockchain. The project comes with a high level of trust, credibility, and transparency.

Tonsnipe has a native token with the ticker $TNS. The token has a maximum supply of 1 million with a promise by the team not to print more tokens. $TNS comes with a wide range of real-world use cases, including for the payment of goods and services on the Tonsnipe network.

[b]What do You get With Tonsnipe?[/b]

Tonsnipe is built on top of the Ton blockchain with the following exciting features:

[b]Alerts On Ton New Tokens & Pre-Sales[/b]

Tonsnipe makes it possible for every user to receive alerts on new Ton native tokens and presales. Some of the information you're likely to get about new tokens include team information, social media numbers, and project utilities.

[b]Never Miss A 100X Ton Presale[/b]

With Tonsnipe, you will never get to miss any information on Ton presale. You will be abreast of the most important metric of any project launched on the Ton network.

[b]Become a Better Crypto Investor[/b]

The crypto market is very tricky. A silly mistake you make can cost you your hard-earned money. As a member of the Tonsnipe ecosystem, you will become a crypto guru. Tonsnipe will provide you with in-depth information about each token like upcoming airdrops and smart contract audits.

[b]Hold $TNS Utility token to access Tonsnipe Pro[/b]

The $TNS token comes with a wide range of real-world benefits. Token holders get guaranteed allocations in upcoming NFT auctions and presales. Token holders will also get relevant information about each native token launched on the Ton network.

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