The popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is growing as the day goes by. Investors and collectors are on the lookout for hot digital assets to buy and sell to make a profit, and the prices of these assets are insane at the moment. Digital collectibles have disrupted markets and sold for millions of dollars across the world.


Big brands like Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, and AMC, have dived into the NFT space to contribute their quotas to the growth and development of the space. Additionally, holding NFTs has become a status symbol in society, especially for celebrities and famous athletes.

Getting started in the NFT space is not as difficult as most beginners think. You need an NFT marketplace to get started. While there are hundreds of NFT marketplaces available for you to mint, buy, sell, trade, and swap these one-of-a-kind assets, one NFT marketplace that everyone is talking about is the Wafini marketplace. From music to art to the entire virtual worlds, there's no NFT collection you won't see on Wafini. Think of Wafini as your Amazon of the digital realm.

[B]What's Wafini?[/B]

Wafini is a multi-asset NFT marketplace that's built on top of the Cardano blockchain. In fact, Wafini is the first NFT marketplace on Cardano that gives reflections of trade commissions on the marketplace and enables users to mint, list, sell and swap their NFTs for profits. After every successful trade, you will receive payments in either $ADA or $WFI (Wafini token).

Wafini's goal is to be the top NFT marketplace on the Cardano blockchain where users can securely and transparently trade digital collectibles with low fees and high profits. Wafini uses technological advances to enable users to unlock the full potential of the NFT marketplace.

[B]How does Wafini Works?[/B]

Wafini has an easy-to-use interface for you to easily navigate and make trades. It allows you to mint, list, buy, and trade a wide range of NFT collections, including tweets, trading cards, virtual lands, domain names, and lots more. Opening an account on Wafini is free of charge, and you can get started in minutes. Payments are made in either $ADA or $WFI.

[B]What is a $WFI Token?[/B]

$WFI is the native token of the Wafini marketplace. The token has a wide range of utilities, including staking rewards and governance. You can also use $WFI to purchase goods and services on the Wafini marketplace. By staking your $WFI token, you will earn boosted staking rewards up to 20% APY, earn a percentage of the transaction fees, and be eligible to participate in governance.

[B]Why Is Wafini Different From Other NFT Marketplaces? [/B]

Wafini is different from other NFT marketplaces, as they intend to bring features you've never seen before like discounted fees using the $WFI token and multi-asset swap. In addition, Wafini is the first Cardano NFT marketplace that rewards users who have staked $WFI tokens with a percentage of the transaction fees.

[B]Mint, List, Buy, Sell NFTs On Wafini[/B]

Getting started on Wafini is simple and straightforward. Visit [url][/url] to enjoy low-fee NFT trading.

[B]How To Whitelist For The Private Seed Sale[/B]

Interested participants who have the required minimum of 500 ADA can join the Wafini private seed sale whitelist by clicking here.

The Private Seed sale will kick off on the 1st of October or when 1000 whitelist spots have been reserved.

Private seed round participants will be able to purchase tokens with only ADA and will need a Cardano-compatible wallet to make a purchase.

Wafini aims to build a sustainable Non-Fungible Token marketplace that will be governed by the community.

Further instruction on how to whitelist can be found on the projects [URL=""]Medium [/URL]blog post

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