My DAR chapter had a tour of a historic home today, Battersea. It is named after a village outside London and was named by Col. John Bannister who was from Battersea in England. He was a botanist and a number of the trees on his property are around 240 years old and were probably all planted at the same time. The house is brick covered by stucco and is a Paladium style home = 5 blocks - east block, east hyphen, central block, west hyphen, west block. The front faced a canal when it was built so the front is very attractive but the back, although it faced the Appomattox River, was attractive but not as ornate. Back when the house was built, waterways were the means of transportation and the front of a house faced the waterway. The house needs quite a bit of work but it takes awhile for a foundation to raise enough to accomplish all that needs to be done. Here is a link to the site: