I can hardly wait for the snow to melt, spring to arrive and to have my RV de-winterized and ready to hit the road! Once again, Cook Inlet beckons me. I love this massive Alaskan waterway, with its many moods, colors and spectacular vistas. Last summer, a couple of my favorite viewing spots of the inlet were from tiny Hope, Alaska, where I camped high above and overlooking Turnagain Arm, watching the tides come and go, and the Homer Spit, where I was lucky enough to snag a great camping spot right on the beach, where I could gaze to my heart's content on the far distant horizon, where main-land Alaska and it's awesome volcanos, islands and river deltas lurk well beyond the reach of any vehicle short of a boat or airplane.

Summer travel calls to me ... but with snow still falling, and over a foot of fresh white stuff hemming me in today, I'll restrict myself to day-dreaming. For more info about the wonders of Cook Inlet, check out this week's article; Cook Inlet - Waterways of Alaska