We all sometimes have racist thoughts.

Some people in recent threads argue vehemently that their viewpoint is not at all racist, even when fairly objectively the rest of the viewers can see that it is. I think it's important for us to accept that none of us are perfect. We are all products of our flawed culture, our imperfect parents, and heck the way genetics work. I think it's better to say "I might have challenges to work on" vs saying "I am an absolutely perfect human being and my life view is 100% accurate."

In the interest of fostering helpful communication, I'll reveal a few issues of my own I've found, on self-examination.

First, I love dressing in outfits from around the world. I always have. In high school I went to school in a Mexican dress I bought in Mexico and was ridiculed. "Look, it's the Chiquita Banana." I own a number of dresses like this traditional Chinese one. I adore wearing them. My own ethnic heritage is half Ukrainian and then a hodge-podge of German, English, Native American, African American, Irish, you name it. I grew up dancing Ukrainian dances and I own several Ukrainian outfits. But that's just a part of what I enjoy. I enjoy it all. I love celebrating all cultures around the world. I love us being one enormous amazing world.

In May 2018, a white teen wore a similar dress to a prom and many people were furious. They said she didn't have the right to wear it. It made me really think about the issue. I am not wearing this dress to "pretend to be Chinese" - it is that I adore their culture as I adore many cultures and respect their skill. It's the same reason I wear a Chinese necklace sometimes. But I can also appreciate that it bothers some Chinese who feel their culture is being "stolen" by those "in power". I do my best to hear that message. Here's the link.

Do you ever sit down and consider how your views of others might be a healthy or unhealthy thing?


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