Hi tarot folks! In a situation where 2 people are already committed to others but *may* be developing a mutual attraction to each other:

In a reading, his True Feelings were the Tower (Disruptive, cataclysmic, irresistible forces, beyond his control). (Pretty clear, no confusion about that!)

In another reading on the same day, same topic, non-positional:
1. How deep (strong) are his feelings? Queen of Wands
2. How likely is he to show (act on) his true feelings: Queen of Cups.

I’d love some people’s thoughts on this. Queen of Wands seems like a fairly determined, actional person who doesn’t sit on her hands and wait for stuff to happen, but not sure what that means in this context.

Queen of Cups is very empathetic, senses other people’s feelings and is in in tune with her own, but does she express them freely? Might this mean that he already IS showing his feelings, and Q of C can sense how he feels?