We are supposed to be draining the swamp and one of the worst offenders in recent history is still in place. We need to get this resolved. Pruitt's egregious ethical misconducts are beyond belief. Repeated, blatant use of his position to achieve personal gain for himself and his wife. Maintaining secret calendars to hide his many inappropriate meetings from others. They knew what they were doing was wrong. And they kept at it, wringing out every dollar they could. Both Republicans and Democrats are speaking out against him. If you like his policies, fine, find someone else who shares that same policy focus. We need someone ethical in the position - surely he's not the ONLY option available?


Even putting partisan issues aside, let's assume some people laud Pruitt's goals for the EPA. That's fine. Surely there are hundreds of other highly qualified individuals with those exact same goals who could lead the EPA *ethically* and also achieve the goals. Why do we still have someone in the position who has proven time after time that he is using the position as a personal make-my-family-rich opportunity? That is the exact specific activity that Trump spoke out against and said he would specifically bring an end to. He was supposed to bring in the very best choices for each position.

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