Warning: This contain spoilers.

Good movie.
I loved the last Godzilla and I had high hopes for this movie and the next movies. Now it is good but Godzilla is better. I think both movies were made in 3D but if it is the case it is not an excuse for the Kong special effects to not be as good because Godzilla's special effects looks good on television, if Kong was not in 3D then this makes it worst. I was clapping and hitting my chair with my fists while smiling and screaming things everytime Kong was able to kill someone, the best death of course is Preston. Also in Godzilla it shows how idiotic and evil the human species is but in Kong it is much worst with Preston and Bill mostly. If we go by IMDB in 2019 we are supposed to get a new Godzilla movie then the following year it will be both fighting each others, I will be waiting excited and hoping both movies will be good like these two or even better (personally i would of loved another King Kong movie since Godzilla is getting 2 before their showdown).
The story is excellent. The acting, directing, sounds and costumes are great. The cinematography, script, music, editing, sets and makeup are good. The special effects are average (if it was not made in 3d then i rate this very bad).