Warning: This contain spoilers.

Bad movie.
I am so angry right now! First that movie should of gotten an higher rating for more graphic violence. The main problems after that is the awful special effects, cinematography and directing combined with the editing that sucked too. I normally love it when the camera pans out super high then moves fast to somewhere else but in this movie it really sucks. The sets also looks very cheap except for the building where the machine is and where the ending is. I also hated the direction is was going at the start with the templars being in charge but when he is surrounded by everyone at the end while still hooked on the machine I was super happy that this was where it was now going. The acting mostly by Fassy is well done and if that movie was better it could of been a franchise but the people who did that movie probably ruined it for him!
The music is great. The acting is good. The sounds, story, makeup and costumes are average. The script is bad. The editing and sets are very bad. The directing, cinematography and special effects are horrible.