Warning: This contain spoilers.

Good movie.
I did not see the ending coming at all and I have to admit that without it that movie would of been rated average by me or even maybe worst depending on what kind of ending it would of been. I jumped twice (when she looked at the painting and it grabbed her by the throat + when the creep was putting his head where the mirror was i jumped eventhough i knew what was coming well knew at least the mirror would break i did not knew a real man who was the boy so him still alive and living all that time hiding in the house and walls without anybody except his parents knowing). I was scared a few times like when she threw the doll in a chair of his room (i made a face telling myself it was not a good idea - that is basically when i was scared - not knowing when the doll would move).
The acting, directing, cinematography and script are average. The special effects, story, music, editing, sets, makeup and costumes are good. The sounds are great.