These are my favorite crystals to work with for self-love and inner calm.

Girasol Quartz
Also known as Girasol Opal, this crystal is actually a form of Rose Quartz, and is sometimes called Moon Quartz. And this makes sense as it’s a very lunar type of crystal! It has a wonderfully loving, and calming energy, and supports intuitive understanding.

Girasol also helps with getting clarity, and clearly communicating from the heart. With clear communication from the heart, the importance of self love can be understood and embraced. From the place of self-love, wisdom can spring forth, and we become powerful forces for positive change.

This crystal helps us to step into a positive mindset by helping us to release judgment, and remember that we are all divine in nature. It strengthens our ability to understand the divine guidance we are receiving, and gives us the courage to act on it; we become solution oriented, but have to remember to ask for solutions without being attached to a specific way of seeing our problem get solved.

It also helps to boost our self esteem by reminding us Who we really are; divine beings in a body.

Honey Calcite
This is a stone of positivity and abundance. Calcite (any color) amplifies energies, and is one of my favorite stones to pair with other crystals. Honey Calcite is a wonderful stone that supports us in times of change (which seems to be an ongoing event at this point), and helps to calm the mind so we can more gracefully grow through the transition. It also promotes a positive self image through clearer understanding of what it means to be a divine being in a body.

Deanna Joseph

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