Anyone creating a family tree on This is a one tree and everyone collaborates. AND IT IS FREE. To participate, join and read the honor code information and be an honor code signatory.

As you fill in your ancestor's name WikiTree will see if there is already someone on the tree with that name. If not, WikiTree tells you to continue. If there is someone, check and see if it is really a match and follow the instructions. If it is your ancestor or relative, connect that person to your tree and contact the member who posted the name originally. Collaborate.

If duplicates occur, and they do, there is a merge feature. Add a photo. Write a story. Most importantly, CITE YOUR SOURCES.

There are one name studies going on and categories within that study. As a result, you can track families and where they lived. Take the test, no pass or fail, to be certified in pre 1700 and post information for someone prior to that time.

Do you have an ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War? Join the 1776 project and connect family to that study.

If you have taken a DNA test, post where you have taken the test and if it is on Gedmatch, post your gedmatch number. WikiTree will connect you to others working on your surnames.

I am having a ball with WikiTree. Try it.