Several years ago, while visiting my daughter in Webster Groves MO, I read in the local weekly newspaper about a new type of poem called the ZIP Ode. This is a 5- (or 9-)line poem, based on a person's ZIP Code, that describes the poet's home place.

This is the poem's format:
Each line consists of the number of words that match each consecutive digit of the ZIP Code. For example, if your ZIP is 32079, then the first line would contain 3 words, the second line 2 words, the third line would be blank, the fourth line would have 7 words, and the fifth line 9 words. If you would like a longer poem, you can use ZIP + 4.

Here is the ode I wrote for my home:

ZIP Ode for 33813

Polk County Florida
My home location
High, but not always dry, on Lakeland Ridge
Two hundred feet

Try your hand at this and post your odes under this thread. I am interested to see where the readers of this forum live.

Georgiana Kurtz, Florida Editor
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