Okay I have no idea where to put this topic and I figured this was it.

I cannot find a way to enter the American version of that website! No matter how I try I always end up on the Canadian version! I can enter every others too but for some reason that version for Canada is banned!

It used to do that years ago but then while being on the UK version there was a link to the American version and after clicking it you were finally on that website but this is gone now.

What is that about? It is extremely frustrating when I type American links and they give me the Canadian versions but at least in these other cases I can still go on the American version except with AOL.

Do someone here knows what is the deal with that?

Plus there is no way to contact them! I asked a friend that is with them to give me their email address and she could not because that is available to the free customers and she is a paying customers! What the hell are they doing! This is crazy!