The signal of the satellite went off with forty-five minutes left to that movie, I will make my review anyway and come back here if one day I get to see the rest.

Warning: This contain spoilers.

Bad movie.
Like I mentioned before I hate that trilogy and it was a big disappointment for me to hate it because I love the three Lord Of The Ring movies. This third is actually better than the others. It still looks absolutely awful but at least that one's script is better. I especially love the character Luke Evans plays and everything that has to do with him (in the other i did not liked his character at all). For the first my first thought was that this was made by young kids but soon after I had remorse because it was insulting to kids. The sets looks to be made of paper and the makeup is almost even more laughable but the worst are the special effects and there is no excuse about the 3D because I have seen 3D movies on my television and all looked better with even two looking fantastic from start to finish. I was surprised at the start when Bard was able to kill Smaug so fast but it's not like I liked that dragon so who cares really. Anyway I have no idea when I will be able to see the rest, I just want to finish watching this movie so that I can say that I watched all of that garbage that should not of been garbage considering the three movies that came before. Oh and also I was looking to see Stephen Colbert and in this his family is supposed to be there, maybe it's like with the second where I had to go find his scene on YouTube to spot him (i think his oldest daughter i spotted as a dead person laying on the ground) or perhaps he is in the last forty-five minutes that who knows when I will get to see. Oh and I hope Alfrid (in case im mistaken with his name im talking about the coward who dressed as a woman towards the end) dies at the end.
The special effects, makeup, sets and directing are horrible. The cinematography and editing are very bad. The sounds and costumes are bad. The script and music are average. The acting and story are good.

If someone posts here could you please warn me if you talk about the last forty-five minutes, I do not want to know anything about it until I see it (The Movie Network has no more showings for it - if they do not play it again im afraid it will take me years to see the rest - i do not have in demand and things like that - would love to but im watching tv and movies on a tv and the satellite receptor that i have is not 1 that can get in demand and crave tv and all these things).