Many Pagans are content to appreciate Nature and the Divine in the different pantheon's Gods and Goddesses. They might use magick in the form of 'lensing' magical energy through chants, incantation and energy work. Some might work closely with a particular Deity and develop a strong relationship with them. However, some Pagans, particularly those who are drawn to Ritual Magick, may wish to go further in evoking and invoking various Beings and interacting with them. This is the first in a series of articles on how to do this safely and effectively.
In this first article I have described how one of my friends in Mexico evoked a being from one of the classical magickal books, or grimoirs, to help people in a particular quest.
(I have also been participating in National Novel Writing Month- this might be apparent in the account :D)

Ian - Pagan Editor

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Dalai Lama