Hey Friends,

If you're trying to think of new desserts for your Halloween BOO-ffet or just for serving to your family, I've posted some new ones. A fun dessert that is coming out this week is a luscious and very festive torte called No Bake Halloween Torte. It's good and easy. There are also dozens of fun, scary Halloween Desserts on the Desserts website, so you can have fun deciding which to serve. Anything made in your kitchen is better for you than all that Halloween candy that seems to be everywhere, so even though most desserts aren't particularly healthy, there is usually some nutrition hidden somewhere in homemade.

If you love Halloween, and make special food for the occasion, I'm sure all of the readers checking out the BellaOnline Dessert Site would love for you to share yours.

Hope you have a Boo-rific Halloween!

Karen Hancock, Quick Cooking Editor
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