It took me a long time to try watching him because he got that show thanks to Oprah which I hate. When I gave him a try it was always him taking the sides of women then I decided to give him another shot and found episodes where it was not him being a feminist. After a while of just watching sometimes or when the subject was interesting I decided to watch every episodes. Then he was being annoying finishing almost every episodes of a season either with his wife or sons but I continued watching. Last season was almost it for me because of one episode where he did not have the backbone to stand up to a black family but the worst was when he had the mother of a black man killed by a cop on (i was going to watch the first half with a couple with a teenager that was a danger but saw him angry at the adults because they were in fear of the psycho) and that was almost it for me. So far this season I loved his attitude but today he ended it by telling the victim and her attacker to just let it go and finished that episode with a new show coming up (closed the tv before that part started), asking the victim of a psychopath to just let it go is just insane, I do not know if again that was him not having any backbone because the victim is white and the criminal is black or what, what is weird is at the start you can clearly see that he knows what is going on and then he finishes like that!