Warning: This contain spoilers.

Excellent movie.
It has been years since I have laughed so hard while watching a movie. I don't know if people who know nothing about Tennis can enjoy this movie as much as people (im 1 smile) who do but they sure will laugh anyway. I had no idea Michael Sheen was in this, his character was hilarious. Then after checking the IMDB page before writing this I saw that Howie Mandel is the one who played The Duke and I seriously did not recognised him in this and his character too was hilarious. Hell almost every characters are hilarious in this, those who aren't are still funny. Normally animations gets on my nerves but in this it is hilarious and fits the movie perfectly. Them dying at the end by hitting each others with their rackets was not something I saw coming but I loved it.
The story is excellent. The acting, directing, cinematography, script, editing, sounds, sets, makeup and costumes are great. The special effects are good. The music is average.