Starting yesterday (with an email that was sent the night before) I can no longer send emails to two of my friends. The reason is always "The problem is that too many unwanted messages have been sent from the following IP address above.", can anyone tell me what that means? I was thinking of changing my email address but then the letters "IP" clicked in my brain and I started to be afraid that the problem come from my computer so changing email account will not stop that! I know it is not one of them blocking me because one loves to hear from me and the other we rarely talk but on the day before this all started she replied to a happy birthday email I sent her and she was happy so her too did not blocked me (im sure if that would be the case it would of been written in the email).

So anyone can help me with that? If I change email will this go away?

A few times with another friend there were some emails that were not sent but this was coming from her email account and I always was able to send these emails through to her and she was happy that I did it so that she knew what was going on so at first I thought it was that but no it is not!