Hi everyone. Need some friendship advice. I have been friends with a woman for about 8 years. We met in school and now work together. We go on trips, our families know each other, etc.. We are very close.

Lately, however, I feel like she has pulled away from me. I don't believe I have done anything, as she still invites me to things, events, etc.. I just feel that she has a wall up. She seems distracted and doesn't laugh as much as she did. We don't text, talk, or socialize as much as we used to.

I am struggling with NOT taking it personally. It is so hard to sit back, and give her space. A few months ago, asked her if she is ok. She said she was fine, just busy. A few weeks later, I asked again. Her response: "why do you keep asking me that!". I;m concerned about her - I care. But I feel like my energy might be construed as "needy", which she hates. I admit, I am very sensitive. I'm an Empath, so I feel everything. She is very different - very matter of fact.

My gut says there are things going on in her marriage and family life. I have talked to my mother about this. She said to just "be". Be there, be her friend, and eventually she will open up, when she is ready. My mom says that it might be too hard for her to be around me, because it brings her feelings to the surface. It's hard for me to just wait - not my best quality.

I feel rejected, and lonely. Any advice/thoughts would be appreciated.