Warning: This contain spoilers.

Good movie.
This is the first time that I have watched something that has to do with religion and when also I haven't spent most of my time rolling my eyes, laugh and do other things like that. There's a lot of suspense in this movie but the way Ron Howard directed it almost ruin some of it. I thought Bezu was either the teacher or involved in another way but I realised I was wrong before it was revealed that he was not but I did not see who was the teacher coming at all. Poor Sophie, whether Jesus was real or not that is a huge thing to have on her shoulder, she has people wanting to kill her and people wanting to worship her. I cannot say if it stayed true to the book because I have yet to read it, I hope me seeing the movie first was not a mistake on my part (in my experience i prefer reading the books before seeing the movies).
The sets are excellent. The acting, script and music are great. The special effects, costumes and makeup are good. The cinematography, editing and sounds are average. The directing is very bad. The story is horrible.