Warning: This contain spoilers.

Bad movie.
I have to admit that they actually got me when it was revealed that Seth was actually the guilty one, all that time I thought he was innocent, shame because I would of enjoyed the torture scenes (which by the way we do not see anything graphic since this was pg13 and made for tv) instead of thinking to myself that they were being idiots torturing someone without even being sure he was guilty. The ending is not scary so I was not on the edge of my seat like the rest of the movie. I actually thought this would be awful, yes it is not a masterpiece but it is also not a total waste of time and it also is not one of the worst movies of all time. Also at the start it says that it is based on a real event, I never heard of that case so I have no idea what is based on facts or not.
The acting is very bad. The cinematography and editing is bad. The directing, special effects, makeup, costumes, script and music are average. The sounds, sets and story are good.