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BellaOnline Editor
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Did you know that the U.S. government runs a survey of occupations every few years? There are over 31,000 entries from Accordion Tuner to Zoologist.

Below is a list of computer careers from the 2010 Census of Occupations. Some positions are a product of their time like IBM Operator which was used when individual mainframe manufacturers had their own titles and training.

Browsing through the list will give you an idea of how broad the computer career field is. If there's a career you'd like more information on or have questions about, please leave a comment.

Computer Jobs Census List

Chief Information Officer
Chief Technical Officer
Computer aide
Computer analyst
Computer applications developer
Computer artist
Computer bookkeeper
Computer clerk
Computer compositor
Computer console operator
Computer consultant \ n.e.c. or n.s.
Computer consultant, databases
Computer consultant, networks
Computer consultant, project or systems management
Computer designer
Computer drafter
Computer equipment installer
Computer graphics illustrator
Computer installer
Computer instructor \ n.s.
Computer instructor, advanced courses
Computer instructor, applications
Computer instructor, basic use
Computer instructor, computer science
Computer instructor, programming
Computer integration
Computer layout
Computer meteorologist
Computer operator \ any not listed
Computer operator, factory machine
Computer operator, production machine
Computer operator, terminal
Computer peripheral equipment operator
Computer programmer
Computer programmer aide
Computer programmer analyst
Computer prospecting
Computer publisher, editing
Computer publisher, exc. editing
Computer research
Computer scientist
Computer security information specialist
Computer security specialist
Computer specialist, exc. software
Computer specialist, software
Computer support
Computer systems administrator
Computer systems analyst
Computer systems design analyst
Computer systems designer
Computer systems, planning
Computer tape librarian
Computer tester
Computer trainer
Computer typesetter
Computing machine operator
Computing systems analyst
Computing systems maintenance
Consultant, systems, computer or data processing
Consultant, systems, exc. computer or data processing
Data administrator
Data coder operator
Data communications analyst
Data entry clerk
Data entry keyer
Data entry operator
Data examination clerk
Data input clerk
Data keyer
Data processing \ any other specified or n.s.
Data processing clerk
Data processing consultant
Data processing systems analyst
Data processing systems project planner
Data processing, data entry or keying
Data processing, printing, sorting, or tabulating
Data recovery planner
Data security
Data typist
Database administrator
Database analyst
Database design analyst
Database developer
Database maintenance
Database management system specialist
Database security administrator
Database support
Desktop publisher
Desktop support specialist
Digital computer operator
Digital computer programmer
Digital computer systems analyst
Director of information, computer systems
Director of information, exc. computer
Director of testing
Engineer, computer \ n.e.c. or n.s.
Engineer, computer applications
Engineer, computer hardware
Engineer, computer repair
Engineer, computer software \ n.e.c.
Engineer, computer software applications
Engineer, computer software systems
Engineer, computer systems
Engineer, customer's, computers
Engineer, customer's, office machines
Engineer, database
Engineer, installation, computers exc. PCs
Engineer, installation, exc. computers
Engineer, installation, personal computers (PCs)
Engineer, software \ n.e.c.
Engineer, software applications
Engineer, software requirements
Engineer, software systems
Engineering programmer
Engineering systems analyst
I.B.M. machine operator
I.B.M. operator \ any other specified or n.s.
I.B.M. operator, computer or console operator
I.B.M. operator, copying, duplicating, etc.
I.B.M. operator, data entry or keying
I.B.M. puncher
I.B.M. tabulator
I.B.M. verifier
Information clerk \ n.s.
Information clerk brokerage
Information clerk cashier
Information clerk, automobile club
Information director
Information operator
Information scientist
Information specialist
Information systems administrator
Information systems consultant
Information systems security officer
Information systems security specialist
Information systems specialist
Information technology planning and policy analyst
Information technology specialist, customer support
Information technology specialist, data management
Information technology specialist, general or n.s.
Information technology specialist, internet
Information technology specialist, network services
Information technology specialist, planning or project management
Information technology specialist, software engineering, applications
Information technology specialist, software engineering, systems
Information technology specialist, systems administration
Information technology specialist, systems analysis
Information technology specialist, systems security
Magnetic tape composer operator
Magnetic tape typewriter operator
Manager, data processing
Manager, data systems
Manager, information systems
Manager, internal security
Manager, internal security
Manager, internet technology
Manager, systems development
Mechanic, computer
Mechanic, computing systems
Mechanic, data processing
Mechanic, electronics computer
Mechanic, tabulating machine
Network administrator
Network analyst
Network architect
Network consultant
Network contractor
Network control operator
Network designer
Network security administrator
Network security officer
Network specialist
Network support
Network systems administrator
Network systems analyst
Network systems integrator
Office system analyst
Process analyst
Programmer \ n.s.
Programmer analyst
Programmer, computer
Programmer, numerical control
Programmer, process control
Repairer, computer equipment
Software QA tester
Software applications specialist
Software consultant \ n.e.c.
Software consultant, data communications
Software consultant, databases
Software consultant, networks
Software designer
Software developer
Software development specialist
Software installer
Software specialist, systems
Software writer
Supervisor, computer analyst
Supervisor, computer operations
Supervisor, computer programming
Supervisor, data control clerk
Supervisor, data entry
Supervisor, data processing
Systems administrator
Systems analyst, computer systems
Systems analyst, data processing
Systems analyst, exc. computer systems or data processing
Systems architect
Systems integrator
Systems planner
Systems programmer
Systems support
Teacher, computer science
Technical support
Technical writer
Technical writer and editor
Technician, computer or computer laboratory
Technician, computer services
Technician, computer software
Technician, data
Tester, software
Web administrator
Web designer
Web developer
Web producer
Web programmer
Web specialist

Here are real world careers that are not on the list yet:

Analyst - SEO, Digital Marketing
Analyst - User Experience
Animator - 2D
Animator - 3D
Architect - Business Intelligence
Architect - Cloud Services
Architect - Data
Architect - Data Warehouse
Architect - Enterprise
Architect - Information
Architect - Networks
Architect - Security IT
Architect - Software
Architect - Systems
Artist - Game
Artist - Infographic
Artist - Motion Graphic
Artist - Technical
Consultant - Digital Marketing
Consultant - Disaster Recovery
Consultant - Information Technology
Consultant - ECommerce
Consultant - SEO & Digital Marketing
Data Miner
Data Warehouse Specialist
Designer - EBook
Designer - Gaming
Designer - Mobile Apps
Designer - User Experience
Designer - User Interface
Designer - Speech Systems
Digital Animator
Digital Compositor
Director - Business Intelligence
Director - Clinical Informatics
Director - Data Center
Director - Information Technology
Document Imaging Specialist
Engineer - Cloud Computing
Instructor - Online Education
Investigator - Computer Forensics
Manager - Digital Marketing
Manager - Social Media
Manager - Web Content
Mobile Developer
Mobile Designer
Modeler - 3D
Network - Cloud Computing
Network - Data Center Support Technician
Network - ISP Technical Support
New Media Analyst
Programmer - Statistical
Publisher - DIgital
Scientist - Information
Software Engineer - Bioinformatics
Specialist - Artificial Intelligence
Specialist - Office Software
Trainer - Computer Software
Trainer - Computer Systems & Hardware

Maria S. Cuasay
Computer Careers Editor
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Joined: Feb 2006
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BellaOnline Editor
BellaOnline Editor
Joined: Feb 2006
Posts: 6,240
Wow Maria, that's a lot of jobs!!

My daughter is sort-of interested in working with computers, but just has no idea what that would look like.

Luckily, she's 16, and we have a little time to figure it out smile

Deanna Joseph

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Joined: Sep 2015
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BellaOnline Editor
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BellaOnline Editor
Joined: Sep 2015
Posts: 36

Web and mobile are spawning new kinds of jobs all the time now across many industries. You daughter will not be short of choices.

Some women attendees of coding bootcamps (a future article) have said that they wished they had had earlier exposure to computer science type knowledge when they were younger. These are women who were in other fields and successfully switched to becoming Web developers after bootcamp.

See if your high school offers basic programming like for HTML. If not, there are online courses that are free and last about 3 weeks. It's not so much a need to learn code but to learn a different mindset.

Other than software/hardware engineering or computer science, working in technology doesn't require a lot of math actually. That seems to scare off women before they even try it. It's more logic, reasoning and being creative when confronted by a problem. Learning HTML demystifies the whole 'it's hard and only for geek types' thinking.

If anything you daughter will learn some new skills and get some added confidence. If she likes mysteries and puzzles, she may like the field.

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Maria S. Cuasay
Computer Careers Editor

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