Warning: This contain spoilers.

Horrible movie.
This is supposed to be a comedy and if it is then I failed to see what is funny. The main character is a despicable human being who hates lying but himself lies and he is also disgusting in other ways (refusing to hear what others has to say is 1). What that man deserved was for his family and friends to refuse his excuses but of course they did not and apparently everything is like it used to be but better which is technically not shocking since they all spent their lives accepting that man's actions. The most ridiculous thing about this movie is that there's a supposed Zebra in it but it is so apparent that he/she is just a Horse disguised as a Zebra.
The special effects and story are horrible. The script and music are very bad. The editing is bad. The cinematography and makeup are average. The acting, directing, costumes and sets are good.