Yes, I've done this. I started out at 380 pounds in October 2005. Today I am 175 - a loss of 205 pounds. I don't recommend it unless you have truly exhausted other avenues. I threw up for 8 years -- eight years! That's really damaging to your teeth because of the bile. Would I do it again -- Yes definitely. i was so unhappy. I slept 21 hours a day and was awake 3 hours. Then back to sleep. I broke chairs with my weight. I wondered if I was totally clean after taking a shower. I was miserable. Also, I had sleep apnea, diabetes, kidney damage and congestive heart failure. Today the diabetes is food controlled and the heart failure has been replaced with a titanium pacemaker. I am finally happy and approach each day with gratitude in my heart.

Former Chocolate Editor. Also known as Daisybun.