hi all! I am married to a man with two older children. His daughter is married and now having a baby. She's due in December. Her mother sent a text to my husband asking if I wanted to 'co host' the baby shower. She has the entire event already planned. venue, decorations, invitations, theme, favors, games... etc She did the same with the bridal shower and it was awkward. She offered the bridesmaids to pay half, and then the day of the shower she handed over a post-dated check and asked that they wait two weeks to cash it. My husband and I would up paying "her" half and taking care of tipping the staff (which she said she would do, but didn't have the cash) (she never thanked us either!) She hasn't worked in years, had had drug/alcohol issues for decades and Thank God has been clean and sober for the last three years, but those decades of addiction cost her a professional license and gave her a criminal record, which makes getting a job difficult for her. I would have had more respect for her if she had just asked him for the money for the shower. I want to be as involved as I can be. I absolutely love and adore our daughter (we hate using 'step') and her husband, I don't want to rock any boats... she told husband that if I wasn't "interested" she would contact our daughter's best friend (who is a stay at home Mom of three and they're tight financially, just not fair to ask her) Plus the idea that "she" wants to have this fancy luncheon at a fancy venue when she doesn't have two nickles to rub together really has me ticked Because she’s just assuming that everyone else will foot the bill. What’s wrong with a good “old fashioned” baby shower at home? so... how would the 'collective you' react? what would you say? we're not "Rich" people, so ponying up for the shower is going to take some financial planning, if I/we decided to "co-host" (help!)