Hi, we're new here. We live on a 50 foot sailboat (a 3 bed/2 bath home with the total internal space of your living room) and we are considering a coatimundi as a pet. All the information I've found suggests that one have a vet who can take care of exotic pets and regular check ups. Obviously, as we are sailing around the Caribbean, this is not at all possible. However, as our pet would NEVER be off the boat, nor interact with other animals, is it still possible that it might contract the parasites that are possible in a normal, shoreside environment, these animals often get? Would we even need the vaccinations? Of course, with 2 masts, booms and ropes, it would have plenty of play space. I had a cat aboard for 18 years and she never got sick until the end, nor did she have vaccinations or vet visits, however traveling with a dog or cat has become very difficult these days, in the islands.