Many people read horror novels around Halloween. Since I'm not a horror fiction fan, I prefer good thrillers or cozies to get me through Halloween. I just read Deborah Harkness' first novel in the All Souls Trilogy, A Discovery of Witches, and found it excellent and difficult to put down. Since it's about witches, vampires, and daemons, I think it's perfect to read during the Halloween season. For lighter reading, I really enjoyed Bailey Cates' culinary mysteries in the Magical Bakery series; they have recipes and are light novels about a witch. Krista Davis' novel The Diva Haunts the House is also a fun and light novel for Halloween. Charlaine Harris has written some light novels about witches, the Southern Vampire series, and I plan to start on the first in a couple of days; I can't recommend them yet and don't even know if they are thrillers, but I'll let you know.

Do any of you have plans to read special novels during the Halloween season? I'm sure readers would like to know what's out there, and especially what you consider worth reading.