Hello and Welcome to the Child Abuse Forum-

My name is Erika Lyn Smith and I am the NEW Editor for BellaOnline's Child Abuse site.

I am also BellaOnline's Missing & Exploited Children Editor.

Everyone is welcome here. Please feel free to join in the forum discussions or post a message of your own.

My one request be respectful of the sensitivity of this topic and consider others who may be visiting our family friendly forum. FYI- I will delete any post that is disrespectful, off topic, or appears to be SPAM - without notice. This will be a safe place for people to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in recovering from child abuse.

I believe in the GOLDEN Rule - Treat others as you want to be treated. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to that rule here. Everyone deserves to kindness and respect.

If you stop in the child abuse forum please leave me a message so I will know you were here.

Thank you and have a blessed day-

Have a blessed day-

Erika Lyn Smith
BellaOnline's Child Abuse Editor
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BellaOnline's Missing & Exploited Children Editor
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