I just bought new eyeglasses. I was so tired of either wearing my contacts with readers (which the optometrist preferred) or my glass and needing to take them on and off to read.

I finally talked him into allowing me to go ahead and get progressive lens. I'm so happy! No more on off, on off. I even spent the extra to get a pair that transitions.

It cost a pretty penny and I don't know how people without insurance manage, it's crazy!

I had bought a pair of regular eyeglasses at Anerica's Best last year and was getting headaches and really couldn't see out of them. When I went back to my optometrist, it turns out the prescription AB had given me for regular eyeglasses wss way too strong. I guess that's what i get for trying to save a little money, though I had previously purchased from there with no problems.

Does anyone else wear progressive lenses. Do you enjoy them?

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