This Day in History: June 12, 1929 – Anne Frank born in Frankfurt am Main, Weimar Republic, Germany.

Anne spend most of her life in Amsterdam where her parents had moved in 1933 to avoid conditions in Nazi Germany. When the Netherlands was occupied persecution of Jews increased to such an extent the family hid for two years to escape capture.

They were betrayed and sent to concentration camps. Anne and her sister died early March 1945, two weeks before British troops liberated Bergen-Belsen, and their mother starved to death in Auschwitz. Only her father survived.

Anne had been given a diary for her 13th birthday in 1942, in which she had recorded her life and thoughts until August 1, 1944, three days before the family were found and arrested.

In her memory her father fought to have the diary published. A Dutch version was printed in 1947, in 1952 an English version, and now it is printed in 67 languages and has sold more than 31 million copies.

In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart." Anne Frank

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