Our Ladies Golf Association has been dwindling every year. No leader came forward to plan the games to play every week on ladies day. These are simple games but evidently it was getting tiresome and fewer and fewer ladies came to play on our designated game day. I felt that this was no way to organize a Ladies Golf Association so did not join this year. Why do you need a ladies association if no one wants to play on their designated Wednesday play?

Since we have so few players willing to play on Ladies Day I have devised a new Game where players can take a day off if they are busy on any particular game day. Teams will be set up with four members on each team with this example I used four teams. Any club could use more teams if your group is large. Only two ladies of the four member team must play on Ladies Day. Two Players from each team will play another two players from another team though out the year. Each team can decide who from their team will play on every game day.

My diagram as shown has four teams with 16 players. All Ladies Day members can work out their own team mates.

On first game day - Team #1 will play Team #2. Team #3 will play Team #4

On second game day - Team #1 will play Team #3 and Team #2 will play Team #4

On third game day – Team #1 will play Team #4 and Team #2 will plays Team #3

This set up will be repeated each month as different team members may be delegated to play those days. This leaves some players absent from designated play but each team can work out their schedule as to who will be playing for the team each week. Those players not playing for their team can play golf in a separate arranged game following the teams. They can also post that score for a handicap.

Only the team scores will be recorded for the Team Play in both individual and team total. These will be recorded throughout the year and prizes given to those who had the most wins as individual and as a team. Match play all score cards will be posted with handicaps given for each hole to be played.

I sent this plan to the present President of the LGA and suggested if they would like to try this play I would join the group and handle the scoring for the year. She said she would see how things go this month and check to see if others would want to try something different. There has to be a way to get some type of game to show enough interest that they will want to come out on ladies day.

I would like to know from your ladies group as to what type of games or set up you use for your Ladies Day events. Send me an email so I can post these ideas on this site for other clubs to use.

Letta Meinen Golf Editor
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