I was visiting another site and saw the subject of cell phones in urinals. It made me stop and think about this. I know I do not talk on my cell when I am in the bathroom 'using.' As women we do have some privacy when we are out and use a public toilet, just imagining men standing using the open urinals and talking on their cell phone at the same time brings a smile to me face.

I don't use my cell phone in the bathroom at home or when I am out, because I don't want to someone to ask me if I am in the bathroom after I flush or anything else. For me this situation is the same as someone eating and talking on the telephone, you often can hear them swallow or gulping; so the question is, what can they hear if you are in the bathroom? Yeh, I know the phone is near their mouth but still, you can hear the various sounds. What to do? Do you hang up and call back or go into the bathroom still talking while you take care of your toilet business? For men there is the added problem of camera's on these precious little gadgets. It seems funny think someone would snap a picture, but a month or so ago there was a news item about a man taking "under the skirt" pictures of unsuspecting women on the subway and putting the pictures on the Internet. I suspect you could not really see anything, but the idea is so offensive.

If I am in the public bathroom and need to use my cell phone for a private call I wait until the bathroom is empty. Or go into an empty stall to for a quick chat before or after I use the facility never during. I wonder if there is anything written down cell phone bathroom etiquette?