The Grace Foundation in northern California rehabilitates horses and other animals who have been abused or neglected. They do the same for abused and neglected children who are helped by helping in the animal rehabilitation. They keep going only using volunteers and donations.

Unbelievably, they have had to cut back all of their programs and are just surviving on a day to day basis because of the refusal of two large banks - Wells Fargo & B of A - to acknowledge their legal deficiencies in a number of horses they asked Grace to deal with. It's a sordid story and Grace is deeply in debt and facing legal costs over doing a good deed in good faith.

Here's a video outlining the problem: Will the banks ruthlessly kill Grace?

If you're as outraged as I am, pass the message on, send a donation if you can, protest to the banks involved. I wish I still had a Wells Fargo account so I could move it!

Here is their website to find out more. The Grace Foundation

Mona Evans
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