Hi Jason,

This was a really great article with so much food for thought - vegetarian of course!

I thought I would just say that many of the tips were great and can be just as easily used for running an efficient home as well as a business.

I used to do a lot of entertaining at one time and did much of this pre-preparation and menu-bundling which came from just plain trial and error and time wasting and friends input and copious reading. In those days (Oh My! How old am I!) we did not have the internet so much was different as you can imagine.

I was reminded by reading your article how efficient a person can be by doing things in an intelligent and well thought out way so thanks for this too.

I am determined to re-introduce some good habits into my present life so that there is far less stress than there should be for well-planned and prepped and thought out dinner parties and friends gatherings and simple book club etc meetings.

Many thanks for your thinking, such a pleasure to read and follow!

Cheers now

Lestie Mulholland - Container Gardening Editor

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